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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. more pouring rain like here in palo alto. it is rolling through the bay area and it has caused problems. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we are moving through the area. we have meteorologist mark tamayo with us. >> here is brian flores. >> reporter: you can see, behind me, as they are heading into the city, traffic is moving nicely. a 3-car are accident caused some major accidents. >> major injury accident causing massive delays into main county and now it is -- into marin county. >> reporter: that was after 8:00. that was a car traveling
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southbound and crashed into two cars headed in the opposite direction. chp said no major injuries reported in the accident. traffic was literally at a stand still. northbound traffic was stopped completely and southbound traffic was stopped intermittently while they stopped the accident. >> they were not moving anywhere. and they were running out of gas or their batteries died and we were headed towards the accident. traffic was at a crawl. they had to make changes to the work day or where they were going and they were running very late. >> i am like 30, 40 minutes late. >> i think every time, it is starting to be rainy, it is crazy, every time. >> it will slow us down. but it will not stop us. >> we are out this the city selling wine, so. we will see what happens. >> i am in a pickle because i have a 10:00 a.m.
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important call that i may not make it in time for. >> reporter: the accident brings up an interesting issue with cars crossing over the median. they said a movable median barrier will be built and once it is completed. it should help with the number of head on crashes. >> it will take about a year. we will be ready to go out to bid for a movable barrier and fabrication and installation at the end of 2013, it is our hope we will see it on the golden gate bridge in 2014. we are back out here live. you are taking a live look at traffic that is heading on the 101. that is the movable median barrier that goes from doyle drive and to the entrance of the golden gate bridge. that is the length of the bridge in 2014. in terms of traffic, moving nicely out there. little bit of fog out there. miss in the air. and -- mist in the air and take it easy on the roads. i am brian flores, channel 2
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news. clean up crews are trying to keep up with toppled trees today because of the weather. the top of a large tree in the russian hill neighborhood happened just before 7:30. it is south of lombard street. the homeowner said it pierced the roof as the young son ran from the room. no one was injured. another branch fell in a road along highway 13 in the oakland hills. this is from eight this morning. they pushed it to the side and were starting to clean it up when we took the shots. orinda, they had parked cars in the way. that is right across from the shell gas station. there were two cars stuck under that tree. in today's wet weather, it is a reminder of all the storms. drivers were avoiding puddles and pedestrians were doing what ever they could to keep dry.
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one week ago, we were tracking the first storm moving into the bay area. since then, tracking multiple storms out there. and look at the rainfall. it is over the past 24 hours and the bulk of this. it is horrible timing for the morning commute. there you go with the yellow and oranges. san francisco, over an inch of rain. santa rosa over an inch. and concord, .34. the latest right now on live stormtracker. and the bulk of the significant rain is out to the east. we will have a few light showers focused in the bay area itself. that is for the next few hours. it is around the central portions of the bay and closer to the san mateo bridge and out towards the livermore area. check out towards the south bay, can you see coverage. it is backing down a bit in the
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santa cruz mountains. the weather pattern begins to change. one possible hazard as we are headed to thursday. i will also let you know if the weekend forecast remains dry. >> thank you, mark. it is 12:05. they approved a million dollars to make sinkhole repairs on the drive. it is 15 feet deep and opened up sunday. first they estimated repairs would take until spring. they hope to find ways to move the project faster. >> i don't want to raise anybody's hopes so i am still concerned that this had could take some time. if we can do it faster than that, it would be good for everybody. >> they are lucky no one is without utilities and no homes are threatened. ktvu has used bay area storms interrupted phone service for the san francisco fire
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department twice this week. the fire department said heavy rain on friday knocked out service for phones with a 555 prefick am and that is the emergency center on turk street. the outages did not effect 911 calls or dispatch calls. service was fully restored 90 minutes ago. >> you can go to for any time on the weather and traffic conditions. coming up in 13 minutes. how sfo was impacted by the morning rain. berkeley police are making an appeal for witnesses in the shooting of a female bicyclist. she was shot down near the school on sacramento street. just after 11:30 last night. 911 callers reported a bicycle crash and officers realized she had been shot. she died at the scene. they don't know if she was
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targeted or randomly shot. it is the fourth homicide of the year. >> even one is unacceptable. but we would like to find out how this happened and who did this. if anyone has information, we appreciate them calling us. >> the victim was in her late 40s. to early 50s. no word on her identity and so far no description of the shooter. this left victims in two different locations. claudine wong will tell us how a person got impacted by the gunfire. we are waiting word from an expected guilty plea in a wide ranging police corruption scandal. former contra costa county chief normal wells is said to plead guilty to five charges. includes stealing marijuana. and methamphetamines and stealing cash and cellphones
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from prostitutes. we have a crew at the courthouse and we will have an update on channel 2 news at six. police are warning people in palo alto to be cautious while walking in the downtown area. this is after several women were assaulted in the early morning hours janine will tell us about this. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this happened here. and underneath the blue tarp is one of the victims. she is homeless and in her 70s. i spoke to her off camera and i saw her face. she is beaten very badly. she has two black eyes and is traumatized. >> this man came to check on bunny. she tells us she is scared and upset. she was punched in the head repeatedly by a man who reached into her pockets looking for money.
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>> i almost got sick to my stomach. it was horrible. >> reporter: the attack happened on sunday at 1:30 in the morning. he fled empty hand. a woman in her 30s was walking in the 200 block and pushed to the ground by a map trying to steal her purse. when she resisted, he punched her in the face and ran away. >> it as down right street crime. beating someone in the face is heinous. >> they described the man being in his 20s and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. because of their similarity, they think the same person may be responsible. >> i guess i feel angry when i hear about the attacks on women. and so someone thinks of me as a he is easy target. that is the biggest mistake they make all day. >> they increase patrols in the downtown corridor. >> we are doing what we can with the resources to step them
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up and ensure that the downtown is safe. it is holiday season. we want people to come here. >> reporter: police say they are keeping their eyes open for anyone suspicious. they are encouraging the public to do the same. a local church has come by to see if she needs any help. we saw a police detective checking on bunny in the last hour. reporting live from palo alto. channel 2 news. i heard seven or eight shots. >> four people wounded in oakland. we will show you exclusive surveillance video how it happened. mark will tell you how long the upcoming dry weather will last. plus a san francisco blogger and activist in court and over a sensitive location. why he is being ordered to stay away from a city supervisor.
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. gunfire last night in oakland left four people dead. three of them were on east 18th avenue near sixth street. fourth person hit by a bullet that traveled three blocks. claudine wong has video that catches the shooting on a
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surveillance camera >> reporter: shots rank out on east 18th street. three people were hit. all in their 20s. two men and one woman. multiple calls to 911 made by residents about the gunfire. >> we were going to bed and there were six or seven gunshots. >> reporter: three blocks away, a customer was walking in the store at the liquor store and the man in his 50s goes down. hit by a stray bullet that traveled three blocks before striking him. he crawls to safety inside the store while the son of the store's owner calls 911. he was standing a foot away from the man when he was hit. >> he was right here and he got shot in front of me. he went inside the door crawling. >> reporter: police wouldn't give us information about a possible motive. we know powerful weapons were used. they believe more than one
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shooter was involved. and all victims were seriously injured and all are expected to survive. this young man was still thinking about the bullet that just missed him. >> how scary is that. >> i was thinking about it all last night, too. >> reporter: in oakland, claudine wong, channel 2 news. the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old autistic girl was being charged in the case. he and ducked the teen last week from the bart station after she walked away from a group home. atkinson beat her and sexually assaulted her before she was able to escape. we learned a few minutes ago, the hearing was continued until the 17th. if convicted, he faces life in prison. president obama will travel to detroit on monday for a fight for the fiscal cliff deal that
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include as tax increase for the rich. he met with business leaders in washington d.c. and he is aware that some republicans may be willing to raise tax revenues. but he warped the gop not to pick another fight on the debt sealing. he was can dade -- death ceiling and he was can -- he was candid. >> this is the top 2%. includes all of you, yes. >> i believe there is a purpose to put revenues on the table. >> house speaker boehner countered the president's proposal without raising individual tax rates. the republican plan also includes 600 billion in spending cuts to federal healthcare programs and increase in the eligibility age for medicare. a san francisco blogger and activist is in hot water of a photograph after political
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opponent. michael petrellis took this of scott weaner last year in a pact room. >> he tried to take a picture of him at an urinal. and today, he pleaded not guilty to misconduct. he wants it to be made as part of the from. >> we will be fighting the case and despite the fact that the photograph was taken, we are talking fundamentally of a gentlemen at a sink. >> the judge ordered him to stay 150 yards away from the supervisor pending a hearing in the case. with the storm watch, anyone going to the san francisco airport should be prepared for delays. we checked with the airport, there have been 36 flight cancellations so far for arrivals and departures. they reported arrival delays of 30 to 60 minutes and departure
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delays as well. yesterday, they were as long as three hours. anyone going to the airport at sfo should check ahead on flight times. >> the rain is having lingering effect on the rain in the area. we will check in with tara more i don't rememberty. >> -- tara moriarty. >> this is pinehurst road and redwood road and injury accident in livermore. this is 580 at the off ramp. it popped up. looks like the car spun out and hit the divider. >> look a the the east shore driveway. you head eastbound towards the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have seen a lot of back up. but it is starting to clear. it is a bit slow once you go over the span. we have traffic flowing nicely in both directions in
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san mateo. we head back to the desk. you can still see the raindrops in the traffic cameras. still a few lingering showers out there. the heaviest rain moving out of the bay area. here is the live camera towards the oakland area. lots of cloud cover and some of the mist and drizzle. right now on the maps. live storm tracker 2, you can't pick it out south and the east. that was over the region earlier this morning. we still have activity here. nothing too significant and enough to trigger the windshield wipers out there. also, tracking lots of cloud cover out there. even if you are not covered, you can have drizzle and enough to wet the roadways and that will be the theme as we do head into the short term. it is once again with the livermore area. reporting some light rain and shower activity. that is still the possibility of a few showers in the forecast for the rest of this
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afternoon. >> tomorrow, we have a dry forecast with temperatures of not changing too much. weekend, partly sunny skies and gusty wind developing. saturday night and into sunday. current temperatures are in the upper 50s to the lower 60s and santa rosa 59 degrees. san jose checking in at 64. closer inspection of the satellite and radar. all the rain moves through and the timing is not great with the morning commute. out it to the south and east. you will see cloud cover out there. nothing too organized and heading into a dry weather pattern that is setting up for tomorrow. right on through the weekend. here is the forecast model. this afternoon showing a chance of few showers out there. and right on through 3:00. like i said, we have a few springs out there. into the evening hours, lots of cloud cover and by five or 6:00, nothing to show you and main concern with the left over
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moisture and the stabilizing weather pattern, you get fog and we have areas of dense fog and out towards fair field and antioch and concord and could be increasing as we head out thursday afternoon. we look out for that. scattered showers. temperatures not changing too much. mainly in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. this is ahead. all of this is in vow and one more rain cloud. that is for today. in the short term, watching out for areas of dense fog towards the delta and inland valleys. thursday morning. friday morning. rain clouds to worry about as well. and tori, we have had lots of rain. it is very important to get the breaks brakes and they will be developing over the past few days. >> jazz composer and pianist dave brew beck has -- dave
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. mix and tapes for financial companies and on optimistic about the chinese hang seng. and apple is down 5%. take a look at the big board. dow up 116. s&p is up six. citi group stock is up 8% after announcing job cuts in the effect of hurricane sandy on job growth. it plans to cut 11,000 jobs starting in 2014, that is 4% of the total workforce at locations around the world. most of them would come from the bank's consumer banking unit. business analyst blame sandy for a lower number of new jobs in november. the cadecott tunnel turns 75 today. it opened in 1937 connecting oakland and orinda.
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it is build 27 years later. a fourth one is being drilled through the east bay hill. it is scheduled to open next year. they will have four lanes in each direction at all times. >> today on the news at five. in or era, where we hear about state budget cuts. the many lawmakers take advantage of this. and it is all paid for by taxpayers. >> they are on the list and the services they receive. >> thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. be sure to join us again at five. we are always here for you and at
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